Black Friday is a holiday that is dedicated to overconsumption and increasing mindless consumption.

Businesses take advantage of Black Friday, they lure customers in with these exceptionally low deals and force consumers to buy as much as they can on this one day. …

The story of how we re-invented fashion.

Do you also feel that it makes no sense that fashion is almost never circular?

The road to a circular, sustainable world requires a lot of innovation along the way. Crucial to this is finding alternative materials to produce the array of tools and items we use every day. We need to not only enable, but actively promote new breakthrough innovations that can make a real impact.


This movie will visualise what you always thought about:

  • How does a store look without plastic?
  • How dependent are we on plastic in our everyday lives?
  • How much is left at a grocery store without any plastics?

Surprised customers were met by empty shelves as they stepped into the grocery store in Sweden. During the night, undercover, the store had been emptied of all plastic packaging by a team of 15 bold humans.

You won´t believe how little was left in the shelves!

Watch and share it if you like it!

Summary: The amount of cheating in the murky world of influencer marketing is outright staggering. As a seasoned e-commerce retailer, I did some number crunching and found that a lion’s share of so-called influencers boosts their numbers with bots and engagement pods. In a combined study of qualitative and quantitative…

Anders Ankarlid

CEO of A Good Company. A serial e-commerce entrepreneur, and a father of three. Have worked in e-commerce for more than a decade. Mindless consumption-activist.

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