The 1 billion plastic phone case problem

3000 factories are part of the phone case problem

A phone case is someone’s most seen accessory and has over time also become a fashion statement. This means people buy multiple cases just to match certain outfits, increasing the already high demand for phone cases.

Here are some numbers that will get your mind tilt:

  • On average, each user changes their phone every 21 months
  • Each phone case is roughly 20 grams of plastic
  • Each blended plastic (more on this in a second) case takes 500 years to decompose!

The one billion phone case problem

So, over one billion plastic phone cases are sold every year.

Estimated kilogram plastic used per year for phone cases alone per market

That’s a lot of phone cases rotting away in landfills across the world yearly.

Unfortunately, this market is nowhere near slowing down. According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) and PwC, by 2022 the number of smartphone users in India will reach 859 million, an 84% increase from 2017.

Plastic phone cases are a one-time thing?

But hold my beer. Can’t a plastic phone case be recycled?

Plastic phone cases causes detrimental effects on the environment

To put this into perspective, this issue with blended materials is not only for a phone case. In fact, 79% of plastic that has been produced since the start of plastic production still exists in landfills today.

But how big is this problem?

Each year, 380 million tonnes of plastic is produced globally, to put that visually it’s the same weight as 2,700,000 blue whales.

Can we stop the plastic waste train?

Does it have to be this way? The short answer is NO.

No plastic, no problemo!

Our mobile case is made 100% from a local plant, designed and made in Sweden. In a nutshell: Arvid, our favourite farmer who has an organic farm in Eskilstuna, sells us the surplus of his linseed plants to us. And tada, we injection mould it making a plant based phone case.

Welcome to a circular world

If circularity doesn’t tickle your fancy, we made a graph on the CO2 emission of a plant-based case vs a plastic case:

The era of plastic must come to an end

It’s just time for a final goodbye to all those plastic cases which are ending up in landfills.

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