We need to stop green-shaming each other already

Learning from my hippie capitalist parents

Me, eight years old — planning my next business venture

A changing lifestyle

I realized I had to make some changes in my work-life to be able to spend more time with my daughter who was growing up really fast.

Significant events setting us on a new course

Ängens Gård, Sweden in January 2019

All in all, we started thinking beyond our little circle.

A Good Company sprang from the idea that permeated my family’s thinking from that day on.

Creating a mission that we actually want to achieve

  • Complete transparency
  • No shortcuts
  • Close cooperation with all our stakeholders
  • Awareness of global and local effects

Seven months in…

After seven months as a company, I am humbled and proud to say that there are a lot of people that share our values. And we are lucky to count many of them as our customers and partners.

What can be done by one person?

Combating climate change means that we, me and you, will have to make changes. And some serious sacrifices.

This is also true for companies

The time has come for responsible brands to balance purpose and profit and consider the impact beyond the bottom line. Good companies consider workers, customers, suppliers, the community, and the environment. In one word: stakeholders.

We need to stop green-shaming each other

We’ve seen climate fighters around the world be called out for things that they do that is in fact not perfect behaviour when it comes to helping the environment.



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